10 Ways to Attract More Business

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  1. Work less
    Who would you rather buy from, the salesperson who looks well rested and at ease or the individual who looks or sounds like he/she just got out of bed? Many people have the misconception that the more they work, the more they will make. The law of diminishing returns dictates otherwise. The more balanced your life is, the more effective you will be in your career. More than a few staffing professionals have been very pleasantly surprised at how much more they got done in less time.
  2. Always ask for what you want
    How many times have you regretted not getting what you wanted? In how many of those cases was that a result of you simply not asking for it? When you ask for what you really want and it is in line with your integrity, the universe always responds. Prior to that next important meeting or sales call, get absolutely clear on what it is you want. Then go in and ask for it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  3. Automate, delegate, or integrate
    Let’s face it, there can be tasks in our jobs that are not very exciting. If something needs to be done, are you the one who must do it? Or is it a task you can automate (using technology or software), delegate (to someone internally or to a company or service externally), or integrate (combine with another task to make better use of time). The time you save could be time you use to acquire more business.
  4. Pay with your business card
    Since paying out money is required to function in society, make it work for you. Next time you hand someone a twenty, place your business card on top. Do this enough and it will bring you business.
  5. Continually add value to your services
    What keeps customers coming back? Value. As long as your customers are getting the most value from your services, they will have little reason to go anywhere else. One way to increase value is to keep giving your clients more without asking for anything in return. Examples include free seminars, newsletters, workshops, referrals, and gifts. The list is endless and can cost little or nothing. The key is to give only things you will enjoy giving.
  6. Make yourself a resource for referrals
    You need to give to get. The best way to get referrals is to give them first. Tell all of your clients and friends that part of your service is to give professional referrals. Let them know that you will do your best to match them with a professional that meets their needs.
  7. Maintain a strong support system
    It can be lonely at the top. By maintaining a strong network of “buddies” in your field, you can have all of the support you need, and more. Use these colleagues to keep you on track, to brainstorm ideas, and to challenge you when you need it. One great way to use a buddy is to touch base daily by e-mail.
  8. Install upgrades often
    Upgrades to your computer’s operating system and software will often make your work more efficient and productive. The same holds true for you and your entire business. By upgrading your knowledge and skills, you will increase your ability to attract and retain business. In addition, adding upgrades of office equipment, furniture, and supplies will often create a work environment that creates space for new clients and candidates.
  9. Have a vision and clear goals
    In the book Alice in Wonderland, Alice comes to a fork in the road at which sits the Cheshire Cat. When she asks the cat which direction she should go, the cat questions her about where she is going. Her response is that she does not know. So the cat very simply says, “Then it does not matter.” Without a clear vision and goals that contribute to that vision, your efforts have little chance of getting you where you want to be. Once you develop this focus, revisit it often and make changes when appropriate.
  10. Fully express your sense of humor
    Children laugh about 200 times each day (once every 7½ minutes). We were given our sense of humor to use, not to let sit idle. People like to do business with people they enjoy being with. By incorporating more appropriate humor and lightness into your day, you will attract positive individuals who want to do business with you.

Scott Wintrip10 Ways to Attract More Business

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