A Better Option Than Consultative Selling

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Consultative selling, as a conceptual practice, has been around for more than a decade. However, is this what buyers really want? Do they merely want someone to consult with them, behave like a consultant, or even take a consultative approach with them? Last time I checked, consultants are still often accused of telling people what to do; most buyers aren’t interested in being told what to do.

This is why consultative selling is on the way out and Collaborative Selling in on its way in. Buyers like collaboration, not just because it’s all about them, but instead because everyone wins. They receive value while the salesperson and their company are equitably compensated, creating a more sustainable relationship. They aren’t being told what to do, instead participating in a buying experience where they are on equal footing with the collaborative salesperson. The new ABC’s of selling—Always Be Collaborating—creates a buying experience where the needs of all parties are met.

How do you create this buying experience that is integral to Collaborative Selling? I have two recommendations:

  1. Think about positive buying experiences you personally have experienced. What made them different? Better? How will you change how you and your company sell to create this kind of experience for your buyers?
  2. Order Sales Yoga (yes, this is a shameless plug for my book). You too should shamelessly ask people for opportunities to provide them with value. To be able to engage in collaboration, people must first know it’s worth having a conversation with you. We all must shamelessly “toot our own horns.”


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Scott WintripA Better Option Than Consultative Selling

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