A Day for Heroes

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Scott's Monday Morning MessageHeroes come in all sizes, and each of us can approach our jobs and lives with a heroic mentality. Take this video of a man in China who saves a child from a two story fall. I suspect few would debate that this was a hero in action.

Being a hero isn’t just for life and death matters; each of us has the chance to do this each day. By helping our customers eliminate problems before they occur or providing solutions that make issues quickly go away, we each have the chance to be a hero to someone, somewhere, if we just catch them before they fall or pick them up when they do.

While serving one’s country or being a first responder can easily be acknowledged as an incredible sacrifice, no sacrifice is required to be professionally and personally heroic each day. All it takes is attention and action, something that each of us can easily control.

To those of you in the United States, Happy Memorial Day. And for all that have served or do serve in the military or as a first responder, thank you for your service and for being a hero.

Scott WintripA Day for Heroes

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