Are You Fishing With the Wrong Net? – Scott’s Sales Yoga Thought for the Week

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During an advising call with a client this week, she reported lackluster performance by one of her company’s locations. As we dug into the issue, it became clear that the members of the sales team were fishing with the wrong net.

Salespeople have the equivalent of nets in their sales efforts. Some use wide nets, like those on a shrimp boat, that bring in many possibilities, allowing them to pick and choose the best customers. Others employ the equivalent of a small aquarium net, bringing in just a handful of “fish.” Even though these prospects are scrawny, offering limited profitable opportunities, they still pursue them because that’s all they have in front of them.

This is why in the practice of Sales Yoga we engage the Law of Expansive Contacts (LEC).

The net cast by the LEC has three parts:

  1. Identifying where buyers hang out (physically and virtually).
  2. Delivering value to hundreds of these prospects on regular basis. Value is defined as insights, opportunities, and perspectives that are important to them while distinguishing you and your firm.
  3. When prospective buyers believe they don’t need you or your services, engaging in conversations that create what, in Sales Yoga, we call a “yet.” These are dialogues that uncover hidden or unrecognized opportunities they have yet to see where you can provide value to them.

Like a strong net on a powerful shrimp boat, salespeople must cast a wide net in all corners of their market. Aquarium nets are great for fish tanks, but not for a successful company that wants to grow.

Learn how to become a Sales Yogi.

Scott WintripAre You Fishing With the Wrong Net? – Scott’s Sales Yoga Thought for the Week

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