Are Your Priorities a Priority?

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How is it that 115 cardinals at the Vatican can choose a Pope in just 24 hours, yet, in Washington, DC, congressional leaders and the President can’t seem to find a way to compromise on spending and budgets in a way that serves the American people. The answer is priorities. When something is a priority, people always find a way to get it done. While not everyone is happy or even agrees with the choice of Pope Francis, the leaders of the Catholic Church made a nimble choice that allows them to move forward to address the issues at hand.

How about your company? Do the leaders have their priorities straight? Are they making decisions, even the hard ones, that are in alignment with the goals of the organization? Do they follow through on those decisions, showing their true commitment to their priorities?

This past week I watched one of my clients make the hard, right choice of parting ways with a key leader. It was right because the company is better served without this person, and this individual is allowed to get on with life, albeit in a different direction. The priority was doing the next right thing, even though it was a hard thing to let go.

Talk is cheap. Actions demonstrate priorities. What are the actions of the leaders in your company saying about their priorities?

Scott WintripAre Your Priorities a Priority?

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