Being in Community

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Connection with others evokes the best in us as we experience the understanding, support, and compassion of those in our professional and personal communities. Yet, we spend so much of our days immersed in e-mails, iPhones, and multiple other distractions and technologies that often our interactions with others are drive-by conversations that lack any form of true connection and intimacy.

Having spent part of last week and this week connecting with two of my communities, I’m reminded of the intense power these connections and relationships bring to my life. So, I wanted to take my few moments with you this week to remind you to stay connected with those in your life who feed your mind and nurture your soul. Put down the iPad and connect with your kids. Step away from that laptop and play with your dog. Go visit that professional or personal community you’ve been away from for a while. The work will still be there when you are done and most likely you’ll be even more productive having restored, at least temporarily, some of the balance in your life.

Scott WintripBeing in Community

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