Beware the Victim Virus

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The only true victims are those who are dead and buried and have no recourse to change their circumstances. Like her or despise her, Casey Anthony, recently released from jail, has this opportunity in her life. She can play the role of victim, bemoaning the past few years, or accept the current state of affairs and move on from here. Much of this will hinge on who she surrounds herself with, people who talk and act like victims or those who live their lives focused on hope and possibility.

While most of us have not been faced with this depth of life drama, we are often surrounded by people who live the life of the victim. Beware these people as they draw you into their negative gravitational pull and, as a result, impact your thinking, infecting you with their victim mentality. Instead, immerse yourself in communities of people who see the bright side and find ways to always turn lemons into lemonade.

Scott WintripBeware the Victim Virus

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