High Velocity Hiring

Filling your open jobs no longer has to be a time-consuming and stressful process.

High-Velocity Hiring replaces the old, worn-out way of hiring with the simple but revolutionary approach of actively cultivating top talent before positions open. The old way is slow and inefficient. Scott’s way is dynamic and proven-effective.

You’ll enrich and maintain a flow of high-quality candidates, harness this flow by identifying the most talented people, and channel it into a pool of ready-to-hire prospective employees.

  • "Your company's future depends on hiring the right talent. Scott book is an invaluable resource to help you land top performers―even in crowded and competitive markets. High Velocity Hiring can become your company's secret weapon."

    Dorie Clark, author of Stand Out
  • “High Velocity Hiring is exactly on point for today’s economy, especially in a tight labor market that is only going to get tighter. Labor issues could easily determine your success and growth in the years to come.“

    Dr. Alan Beaulieu, Senior Economist, ITR Economics
  • “High Velocity Hiring helps you look past the obvious, and often unseen, problems in your hiring process and focuses on the solutions that will work for your business. Scott shapes a new way of managing the hiring process―a better, faster way―by identifying the barriers to fast, effective hiring and outlining specific ways to overcome them.

    Amy Ruth, Chief Human Resources Officer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida

Sales Yoga

If you would like to meet and exceed your sales quotas—while meeting the true needs of clients—buy this book.

Tired of domineering “close a deal at any cost” sales approaches? Like to know how to “sell and serve” people so they trust you, buy from you and refer you to others? In Sales Yoga, Scott has transformed the manipulative “Always Be Closing” process into a more-evolved “Always Be Collaborating” process in which everyone prospers.

  • “Having written 6 books and worked with hundreds of authors, I know Sales Yoga will be a game-changer for everyone who reads it and implements the ideas. Scott’s approach is insightful and one-of-a-kind.”

    Sam Horn, author of Tongue Fu!®
  • “Having been in the sales and marketing arena for decades, I know great ideas when I see them. Sales Yoga is the perfect marriage of a collaborative sales process with the centeredness that comes from yoga. Scott’s book is packed with highly applicable ideas, and includes an action plan at the end of each chapter to support immediate implementation.”

    Melita Balestieri, Vice President Talent Marketing, Randstad USA
  • “Sales Yoga is a must-read for anyone selling anything. The variety of real-life examples from different industries makes it extremely relevant, regardless if you’re selling products, services, or ideas of any kind.”

    John Redmond, Senior Vice President, Willis