Breakthrough Service

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While many buyers view competing products or services as commodities, there are a handful of companies in most markets that have earned the perception of offering breakthrough service. From value-packed offerings to highly effective methods of responsiveness, the delivery of service by these firms has been carefully planned and crafted to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers.

To enhance the service you provide, take some time this week to categorize the interactions and impacts you have on your customers:

Competitive: An important aspect of your service that is common to you and your key competitors.

Distinct: A way of doing business or method of delivering service that is well executed by you and just a few other firms.

Breakthrough: A truly unique manner of serving your customers that they perceive as highly valuable.

After making this honest appraisal, ask some of your customers to do the same and compare the results.

All companies need a combination of competitive, distinct, and breakthrough types of service. The results of your assessment will show you where you are doing well and where need to focus attention next.

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