Bright Spots – The Market Demand Report

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As volatility reigns in the financial and job markets, opportunities exist for candidates and staffing and recruiting firms as hiring demand continues to challenge the supply side of the equation.

Companies are currently looking for the following types of individuals, according to data from WANTED Analytics (, and are having difficulty filling these roles due to the lack of qualified individuals:

Office Managers and Supervisors: 16,847 openings nationwide in the past 30 days, up 32.4% Y-O-Y

Stock Clerks: 4,600 openings, up 80.4%

Computer Programmers: 10,662 openings, up 23.1%

Financial Managers: 11,263 openings, up 30.2%

Occupational Therapists: 6,565 openings, up 27.7%

Auditors: 5,257 openings, up 54.0%

Machinists: 4,611 openings, up 52.5%

Recruiters need to actively source and recruit candidates who may be happy, yet would consider something that would make them happier. In turn, this will give your sales force tangible solutions to customers’ immediate needs. On the sales side, you must take the time to educate your customers that it costs nothing to see your people, placing the onus on you to show them that your talent is better than what they will find on their own.

Scott WintripBright Spots – The Market Demand Report

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