Casting a Bigger Shadow

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Scott's Monday Morning MessageHow does a group of people make a point we can learn from while also making Simon Cowell cry? Shadows.

Attraction, a shadow dance troupe, appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in 2013 and stunned viewers and the judges with their moving performances. The group won the competition as a result of the beauty, simplicity, and moving stories told by their performances.

Every company in staffing and recruitment also casts a shadow, the size and impact of which has nothing to do with size of the firm. Three elements, in combination, ensure that any firm can cast a larger shadow:

  • Impact – Deepening the impact by delivering more value to all parties, for which the firm is generously rewarded.
  • Initiative – Taking initiative to eliminate complexity for all parties, reducing time to fill while speeding acquisition of jobs for people and talent for companies.
  • Inertia – Building on the inertia created by impact and initiative, the reach of the shadow, within each customer and the market, grows by sharing the Impact Story in all sales and marketing efforts.

Small firms grow big and big firms increase profits when they work on their shadows. That may not make Simon Cowell cry, but I’m sure that will bring firm leaders and owners tears of joy.

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Scott WintripCasting a Bigger Shadow

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