Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That: Sweet Brown’s Sage Wisdom for Corporations

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An April 2012 Oklahoma City television news interview gone viral has now reached tens of millions of people across the globe who’ve heard Sweet Brown’s  famous words:

“Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

While Brown was referring to the choking smoke from an apartment fire that aggravated her bronchitis, this catchy phrase is sound advice for businesspeople. Here are seven things successful companies ain’t got time for:

  1. Poor planning, ineffective strategies, and inconsistent follow through
    These three issues alone equate to billions of dollars in opportunity cost.
  2. Customers who demand value, yet don’t want to pay for it
    This parasitic type of relationship stunts the growth and success of too many companies.
  3. Complex processes that drain time, energy, and resources
    Simple is much more sustainable.
  4. Supposed best practices that no longer work
    Just because something has always been done a certain way does not make it right for current circumstances.
  5. Leaders who delay termination
    When it’s time to let go, it must be done swiftly and compassionately as this benefits everyone involved.
  6. Reactive hiring practice
    Once a seat is open, harm is already being done because of increased workloads, lost opportunities, added stress, and damaged morale. Active lines of succession and talent pipelines keep seats filled and work flowing.
  7. Work-life imbalance
    Exhausted people make poor decisions and engage in shoddy work. Self -care and time for family should be part of every employees’ job description.

When Brown said, “Oh Lord Jesus, it’s a fire,” she spoke of the blaze that drove her from her home. That’s not the only thing that’s smoldering as companies burn through people, money, and resources when challenges, such as those above, go unaddressed.

So grab yourself a “cold pop” and make time to resolve these issues.

Scott WintripAin’t Nobody Got Time for That: Sweet Brown’s Sage Wisdom for Corporations
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