Cease and Desist Stinking Thinking


Persistent thoughts become pervasive beliefs and some of these reek of inaccurate assumptions and dangerous misinformation. For example, recruiters often think there is a waiting period before you can ask a new candidate for referrals, and salespeople frequently tell themselves that prospects aren’t willing to engage in detailed conversations. When did it become our job to set boundaries for other people?

Scientists have proven that humans are programmed to help one another, so, soliciting referrals from everyone, including new candidates, in the very first conversation allows them to be who they were built to be. People love to hear the sound of their own voice, thus, lengthy and thorough conversations that allow prospective buyers to be thoroughly heard is the norm, not the exception.

An unrelenting belief that people will freely provide you with the time and information you need to be masterful in our profession makes much more sense than self-defeating beliefs that are cancerous lesions to our psyches. Whatever you believe is exactly what you shall receive.


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Scott WintripCease and Desist Stinking Thinking


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  • Tav Gauss - November 10, 2010 reply

    thought this may be about negative attitudes in the work place. Sure could have used that for one of my senior managers.

    Scott Wintrip, PCC - November 10, 2010 reply

    This certainly does apply to managers. For example, the negative and unproductive thinking I watch managers engage in includes not believing in accountability…something like, “It does not matter if I hold my staff accountable. They won’t do what I want anyways.” The cure is “act as if.” Even when a leader does not believe in something, if they act like they do, their thinking will soon catch up with their actions.

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