Close More by Selling Less

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Scott's Monday Morning MessageResumes are incredibly flawed sales tools that prove the common saying that “less is more.” Case in point comes from a salesperson new to the staffing and recruitment industry. Instead of the resume he sent to the buyer creating buy-in, it’s generating pushback as the hiring manager is questioning why the candidate for a contract role has worked at seven companies in the past 10 years. The answer—each of these was a contract assignment. Yet, this fact did nothing to allay the concerns of the buyer, interfering with the salesperson’s ability to close him on even just talking with this candidate via telephone.

Less really is more when it comes to how much we sell and the sales tools we employ. Here are three of the top 20 ways to close more by selling less:

  • Instead of soliloquies, speak in soundbites (ideally, nine seconds or less).
  • Rather than scheduling interviews, set up working interviews, allowing the buyer to experience the candidate.
  • When something on paper is required, submit accomplishment profiles instead of resumes, highlighting the details that matter instead of the minutiae that creates confusion.

Giving the customer more space to close him or herself can only happen if we simplify the process. And since buyers always believe themselves and only sometimes, if ever, believe us, letting the better closer close (them, not us) is worth the lessening of our efforts, and letting them feeling more in control.

Scott WintripClose More by Selling Less

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