Compulsive Buying – Scott’s Sales Yoga Thought for the Day

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Why is it that buyers continue to purchase services and products inferior to those delivered by your company? Momentum is the cause and the cure.

If what you offer is truly better, the buyer has to stop focusing all of his energy on the current provider and shift some of that your way. The temporary deflection of momentum accounts for only 10% of his energy and attention; the other 90% is what keeps him in the current purchasing pattern. This is why buying is compulsive‚ÄĒpeople stay with what they know even when it’s less than ideal. The compulsion to buy from you must be greater than the momentum of the status quo.

Attempts to convince, cajole, or coerce people rarely, if ever, works to overcome their current compulsive buying. This is why, in Sales Yoga, we practice Front of the Box Marketing to attract attention, then create buying experiences through Sales Flow, living by the mantra:

Buyers always believe themselves, but only sometimes believe you.

Nothing shifts momentum more powerfully and completely than when decision-makers convince themselves to let go of compulsive buying that does not serve them as well as being served by you.

Compulsive Buying

Scott WintripCompulsive Buying – Scott’s Sales Yoga Thought for the Day

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