Corporate Play-Dates

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On a flight home last Friday a raven-haired girl, whose adorable face a cherub would envy, provided an ongoing commentary on the wondrous sights she beheld outside her window:

“Mommy, look at how fast we’re going.”

“Wow, is that the ocean? It’s so bigggggg!”

“Whoaaaa…look at how puffy the clouds are. That’s cool.”

This organic behavior of children reminds us to reconnect with things we take for granted, and we can apply this to our work to gain a fresh perspective. Using child-like eyes and ears, observe how each part of your company interrelates as though you were seeing it for the very first time; watch, with a sense of awe and wonder, the manner in which team members go about their tasks; and listen intently to verbal communication as though you were at the feet of an engaging storyteller.

By the time you finish connecting with your inner child in this corporate context, you’ll identify aspects of your operation that no longer make sense and opportunities to leverage strengths that have been overlooked or simply taken for granted. That could make this a very profitable play-date.

Scott WintripCorporate Play-Dates

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