Cultivating Connectedness

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This day is one in which you have the opportunity to till the garden of connections in your work and your life. Today you’ll have the opportunity to nurture existing relationships, and like plants, these need to be fed, nourished, and tended to with care to promote their long-term growth.

Some of your connections may have withered away. Those that cannot be restored have served their purpose and should be set aside, creating space for you to plant the seeds of new relationships. You’ll have to plant many seeds as not all of these will spout and grow into something that is sustainable and worthwhile. Those that do need to be added to your routine of feeding, nourishing, and tending; as a grower of great relationships your work is never quite done.

Choose wisely today how you cultivate your connections. This is your garden and your efforts will determine how well fed you, your company, your colleagues, and your family will be in the seasons ahead.

Scott WintripCultivating Connectedness

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