Deeper Diversity

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Having just returned from a weekend with my wife in Miami, I find myself pondering the rich diversity of this coastal gem. Known as the cruise capital of the world, the contrasts of Miami range from art deco to skyscrapers, Cuban cuisine to seafood just plucked from the Atlantic, and techno dance clubs to the Florida Grand Opera. The multitudes of languages, people, food, architecture, and music show how deep diversity creates a dynamic and vibrant entity.

The depth of diversity in Miami is like that of great companies, where diversity goes beyond race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, disability, military service, culture, and sexual orientation. Great companies also actively create environments that provoke diverse thoughts, innovative actions, compelling arguments, healthy debates, and regular challenges to the status quo. As a result, these organizations are consistently ahead of the pack, blazing new trails and setting new standards.

Take a look at the diversity of your company and find where you can go deeper in the coming months. As you take diversity beyond its common interpretations, you’ll create an organization filled with new thought leaders, innovators, and energizers who propel you to nonstop growth and perpetual profits.

Scott WintripDeeper Diversity

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