Delivering Tremendous Value – The StaffingU Market Demand Report

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The simplicity of selling is believing you provide tremendous value to your clients and engaging in conversations to help economic buyers fully understand the value you delivery. One powerful way to deliver value right now is to help prospects and customers anticipate the market and edge-out their competitors through active hiring strategies. Their win will be in having temp and fulltime talent who are ready for the continuing influx of business in this recovery.

The following five roles are in high demand and, as a result, companies must actively onboard these individuals now in order to have the capacity to respond to increasing workloads:

1. Industrial Engineers – 71,800 open positions (a 60.7% increase year-over-year)

2. Office Managers and Supervisors – 92,350 open positions (a 31.8% increase year-over-year)

3. Computer Software Engineers (Applications) – 90,081 open positions (a 32.5% increase year-over-year)

4. Customer Services Reps – 162,347 open positions (a 23.9% increase year-over-year)

5. Marketing Managers – 104, 514 open positions (a 20.5% increase year-over-year)

Total volume added in the past 90 days and the percentage increase
compared to the same period last year.
Data: WANTED Analytics | Analysis: StaffingU

Scott WintripDelivering Tremendous Value – The StaffingU Market Demand Report

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