Eight Jobs Where Demand is Outpacing Supply

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Companies need your help with the following roles in the cities listed as a result of the need for talent exceeding the number of available quality candidates:

Accountants in Omaha, NE (128% normal demand)

Computer Systems Analysts in Portland, OR (140% normal demand)

Customer Service Reps in Salt Lake City, UT (123% normal demand)

Electrical Engineers in Detriot, MI (133% normal demand)

Executive Secretaries in San Antonio, TX (121% normal demand)

Office Managers in Hartford, CT (126% normal demand)

PR Managers in Washington, DC (165% normal demand)

Registered Nurses in Orlando, FL (129% normal demand)

Data: WANTED Analytics | Analysis: StaffingU Research

Scott WintripEight Jobs Where Demand is Outpacing Supply

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