Evidentiary Interviews vs. Behavioral Interviews


While behavioral interviewing has some benefits, it falls short as it does not completely assess all of the behaviors necessary for success, only those you have time to review in an interview. Scott shares his latest invention in interviewing, the evidentiary interview, a more thorough way to assess talent.

Scott WintripEvidentiary Interviews vs. Behavioral Interviews


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  • Bob Cohen - January 30, 2013 reply

    Hi Scott

    This is a long overdue response to your many excellent postings. Your recent post on Evidentiary vs. Behavioral Interviewing I really enjoyed. A former colleague and current
    friend Craig Bissett opened a business 11 years ago to help with evidentiary interviewing. This may be the best kept secret in Hiring. His company Hire Results Ltd is Toronto based and appears to have the real goods. Craig Bissett has a great deal of respect from inside and outside the Staffing Industry. Take 3 minutes plus to watch his video on and you can get a feel for what they do and how they do it. His company website is or .com, I’m not sure, I couldn’t open it tonight. Do watch the Video and let me know what you think, I’ll bet some of your clients will love it. I’d be happy to make an introduction to Craig, if appropriate.

    Best regards

    Scott Wintrip, PCC - February 1, 2013 reply

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the feedback on my postings. Interesting concept. Please feel free to pass my contact information to Craig.


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