Five Hot Industry Groups – The Market Demand Report

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The ebb and flow of economic recovery has created varying demand within various industries. According to data from WANTED Analytics (, the following five industry groups have experienced increased hiring demand in the past 30 days that will impact your business plan:

General Freight Trucking – 21.8% increase (over the same 30-day period last year)

Clothing Stores – 20.0% increase

Grocery and Related Product Merchant Wholesalers – 16.2% increase

Office Administrative Services – 18.6% increase

Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing – 36.4% increase

Your business plan should include three actions to respond to and prosper from this demand:

1. The first, and most obvious, is to directly contact companies in these industry groups. However, be prepared to sell value, versus price, and anticipate their needs by actively recruiting the talent they may need prior to the call.

2. Research, then sell to, their suppliers. Demand rolls downhill and will do so with the vendors who provide goods and services to these industry groups.

3. Remember there are only two types of companies: clients and sources. Not everyone can be a client, so, be grateful when someone turns you down as you’ve just gained a source of talent.

Scott WintripFive Hot Industry Groups – The Market Demand Report

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