Four Leadership Must Practices

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Best Practices are brilliant; Innovative Practices are absolutely magnificent. Must Practices, which not as glitzy, sexy, or exciting, are non-negotiable ways of doing leadership and being a great leader that are a requirement for success. Here are four crucial Must Practices:

Today’s leaders must…

1. …foster sustainable collaboration.
There’s always room and need for improvement in the collaborative efforts of work groups and teams. To make this happen, leaders must prime the collaborative pump. Read more

2. …require direct reports to create and follow sustainable action plans.
Defining how results will be achieved is often the missing step that keeps them from happening. Sustainable action plans aren’t hard to create, there’re just not being created and followed. Read more

3. …push the leadership reset button.
Our human nature is one of perfect imperfection, which means our brains occasionally need a reset or even a reboot to reengage our effectiveness. Leadership Power Cycling is the human equivalent of a computer reset button. Read more

4. …lose their own baggage.
While losing your baggage is a hassle when flying it can be a transformational catalyst for evolving two things very near and dear to you—your business and your life. Read more

Scott WintripFour Leadership Must Practices

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