Gone, But Not Forgotten?

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Scott's Monday Morning MessageMany buyers are forgetting to buy from salespeople they actually like. Is it message? Quality of service? Cheaper price? No, no, and no.

It’s even simpler than all of that…it’s presence. Even many of the very best salespeople are losing deals because they aren’t around when buyers are ready to buy. What’s most unfortunate about this is that showing up is one of the few things salespeople can control.

Out of site, out mind, means out of contention. This one fact alone is why many sales organizations aren’t reaching their full potential.

There’s lots of talk about “stickiness” these days. People who keep showing up, engaging buyers in meaningful dialogues, stick like glue. Presence is what binds buyer to seller, as they are in sight, in mind, and in contention.

Scott WintripGone, But Not Forgotten?

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