Heroic Partnerships: A Conversation with Kelly McCreight of Hamilton-Ryker


Welcome to the first in a series of conversations about Heroic Partnerships. What are Heroic Partnerships? They’re highly effective relationships between organizations and staffing providers. These partnerships are based upon mutuality: A belief that, for the relationship to succeed, each party must get its needs met. The organization gets the talent it needs when it’s needed. The staffing provider is equitably compensated for the value it provides. Both meet expectations that make the partnership work.

Who will benefit from this podcast? If you’re involved in hiring in an organization, these conversations are for you. If work in a staffing or recruitment company, these podcasts are for you too. Forming Heroic Partnerships requires that everyone does their part to make these relationships work.

Joining me in this first podcast is Kelly McCreight, President of Hamilton-Ryker.

Founded in 1971, Hamilton-Ryker is a total workforce solution and industry leader for the provision of industrial, administrative, and information technology staffing, as well as, recruiting, management consulting, and information technology solutions.

Headquartered in Tennessee, Hamilton-Ryker has 35 locations across the U.S.

An entire chapter of my forthcoming book, High Velocity Hiring, provides more details on how to create Heroic Partnerships. Visit the book page for more information.

Scott WintripHeroic Partnerships: A Conversation with Kelly McCreight of Hamilton-Ryker


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