Land of the Free Lunch and Home of the Bravado

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I’m happily American, but not happy with some things here in America. I know I’m not alone in this sentiment, especially, when it comes to what’s going on in Washington. Unfortunately, what’s failing in the US, and across the globe, isn’t just limited to politics.

One key failure is that too many buyers are still overly focused on price. This free lunch mentality isn’t, however, a deficiency within those who buy. The cause is the bravado of salespeople. Lots of outdated, feature-benefit selling, which prompts those who sell to vomit voluminous amounts of factoids, has promoted buyers to shield themselves from this deluge of talking. As a result, selling sinks to the lowest common denominator—price.

People dislike selling but value and, often, even enjoy buying. Instead of bravado, those who sell need to embrace the brave new world of shutting the hell up. While some may take offense at my choice of words, this is the very phrase going through the minds of many buyers while on the receiving end of another sales pitch.

It just takes one or two brave leaders in every company to install the mental equivalent of clamps on the lips of all customer-facing staff. The best way to do this is generous amounts of practice. By leading salespeople, recruiters, and all service personnel in regular practice sessions, habits begin to change from the bravado created by excessive talking to the collaborative, buying experiences prospects and customers welcome and value.

Yes, the US is the land of the free and home of the brave. Part of having an effective free market system requires bravery to learn from mistakes and do better. By eliminating the bravado, the free-lunch mentality disappears on its own as buyers sell themselves on buying what they need from people they trust at a price that reflects the value of the services. On this Independence Day holiday in the United States, an elimination of outdated sales methods is something we can all celebrate.


Scott WintripLand of the Free Lunch and Home of the Bravado

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