Leadership Power Cycling

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When we call tech support for computer issues more often than not their first suggestion is to turn the system off, then back on. This simple step, called power cycling, often clears up many technical issues. Oh, if we could just do the same with employees to reset their issues!

While you can’t force other people to reboot their brains, leaders can reset their own. This is called Leadership Power Cyclingconsciously taking a few moments to reenergize the mental, physical, and emotional abilities necessary for success in management.

How do you do this? The Leadership Reset, one of the most flexible and universal tools of Radical Accountability, is like switching off your capabilities and rebooting them within a matter of minutes.

Here are the steps:

Stop…whatever you’re doing.

Breathe…and feed the brain with oxygen. Just a few breaths enriches the intellect, slows down any nervous energy, reduces emotional reactions, and increases presence and use of all of your faculties.

Think…about the desired outcome. When dealing with an area outside your expertise, think about whose input on that outcome would help, and ask for their experience and wisdom. Using others’ insights and your own intellect, make a choice that is the most efficient and effective way to create the desired outcome.

Act…immediately once a decision has been made.

When should you power cycle? Anytime your personal systems start to become bogged down by conflict, distracted by emotions, or hampered by overwhelming quantities of information. Since our brains are advanced computing devices and our bodies house them, resetting them from time to time only makes sense.

This Week’s Radical Accountability Activating Action: Employ Leadership Power Cycling anytime you begin to notice yourself becoming inundated with information, emotions, or conflict.

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