Living a Life of Whelm

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Circumstances can seem overwhelming at times, and it may appear like there is domino effect of one event happening after another. Before you know it, feelings of overwhelm seem to take over and stop you in your tracks. It’s moments like these in work and life where I’ve heard people wish that they never got overwhelmed and, instead, had a life of consistent calm and underwhelm. If that condition persisted, I suspect they’d soon be complaining how boring and dull life had become.

Overwhelm is merely a feeling and you can act your way into a new way of thinking and feeling if you just do the next right thing as the curve balls of life come your way. When you make this choice, you are opting for whelm, a point somewhere in between the other extremes. In doing so, you take responsibility without taking things personally.

There will be many opportunities during this holiday season to practice living a life of whelm. Doing so will equip you with a way of being in 2011 that will serve you well as many opportunities and challenges come your way.


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Scott WintripLiving a Life of Whelm

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