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Wintrip Consulting Group : Take No PrisonersTake No Prisoners is a free weekly memo from Scott Wintrip that explores how Radical Accountability prospers companies and changes lives. Instead of taking people hostage with outdated, heavy-handed, and ineffective methods of management, measurement, and motivation, Radical Accountability focuses on creating an unwavering responsibility for getting what matters most done.

Taking stock of where you’re at in relation to where you want to be isn’t magical, but can make miraculous things happen. All it takes is engaging the Merlin Mindset, the most powerful way to improve all of your strategies and supporting tactics.

Named after the storied figure best known as the wizard featured in the Arthurian legend, this method starts with the end in mind. Merlin is often portrayed as living his life backwards, allowing him to know the future and grow younger as time passes. The Merlin Mindset employs the power of working backwards from the end result, ensuring the outcome is maintained as the primary focus of a strategy and the tactical steps and actions to achieve that outcome.

Here are three of the key steps from the Merlin Mindset process for refocusing your company on what matters most:

  1. Design every outcome to ensure it brings tremendous value to those you serve. This selfless approach is the opposite of how many organizations go about goal-setting. When the focus is on prospering the customer, a boomerang effect of reciprocity then prospers the provider, energizes employees, and eliminates drama, distractions, and discord.
  2. Focus on how that outcome will be reached, working backwards from the goal. No ifs. No maybes. When someone says you can’t do something, find a way you can. If there are doubters, convert them or subvert them. Think nimbly and act swiftly as momentum is a great ally when practicing Radical Accountability.
  3. Use the positive energy of reaching each milestone or goal as momentum to achieve the next one, and the one after that.

While the Merlin Mindset won’t make you younger, it does make you wiser and more valuable in the eyes of those who matter most. Now that’s magical!

This Week’s Radical Accountability Activating Action:  Pause and take a quick inventory of your company’s progress to date, then, employ the Merlin Mindset in any areas needing improvement.

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