Sage Business Advice from the Music of James Taylor

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“Never give up, never slow down
Never grow old, never ever die young.”

Lyrics from James Taylor’s Never Die Young

While listening to Never Die Young, I heard, embedded in the words of James Taylor, the following advice:

Never give up…on why you chose your profession. Take a moment today and each day hereafter to recall what compelled you to serve others, whether they be inside or outside your organization.

Never slow down…on the actions that change lives and companies. For example, a few extra telephone calls a day could make all the difference for you and the people that pick up the phone.

Never grow old…as you look for and find the opportunities right before your eyes. The volatility of this new economy is one of the greatest chances to grow your company.

Never ever die young…by taking incredible care of yourself. Your family, friends, prospects, clients, and colleagues deserve the gift of you being here a long, long time.

Scott WintripSage Business Advice from the Music of James Taylor

1 comment

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