Nimble and Decisive

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Reaching the final plan to raise the debt ceiling in the United States last week was anything but nimble and decisive decision making. As the dust settles from this fiasco, those of us running companies can learn from the example set in Washington of how not to create compromise, consensus, and buy-in.

Nimble and decisive leadership starts with a clear vision of the desired outcomes and engages input from the key stakeholders who constantly keep their sights tuned and focused on the goal. All parties avoid distractions, competing agendas, and political gambits that weaken the payoff of reaching the desired results. The maturity of this style of leadership invites positive compromise, engages quick consensus, and creates rapid buy-in as the rank and file observe their leaders behaving as leaders should.

While it may be difficult to feel pride for what has happened on Capitol Hill and at the White House, do take pride this week as you practice nimble and decisive leadership in your company. As you do, you’ll contribute to growth and recovery in spite of all the political foolishness.

Scott WintripNimble and Decisive

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