Pam O’Connor–Hiring Hero of the Week

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This week’s hero has impacted people across the globe, helping fill jobs that improve and save lives. She’s Pamela O’Connor, the Chief Human Resources Officer for Hoyos Integrity Corporation, a secure communications company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale Florida. As a global HR leader, Pam has led the hiring of top talent for emergency relief positions around the world, applying her skill at finding people with the perseverance to perform under pressure and extreme circumstances. She has improved time-to-fill, reducing this metric by more than 45% as a result of initiatives that have significantly increased employee referrals. Employment engagement has also grown under Pam’s watch as she’s overhauled global compensation systems to better align employee expectations with the value they bring to their roles.

When asked about her philosophy on recruiting and hiring, Pam said, “I believe in hiring people not just for the current opening, but with the next two jobs they’ll hold in mind as well.” This career minded approach to recruiting along with aligning company strategy with talent acquisition strategy has made lasting impacts. These impacts include making better hires who align well with company goals, reducing talent acquisition costs, and improving employee retention. Thank you Pam for the heroic work you do each day!

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We’ve all heard it said that a company’s most important asset is its people. When we say we love a company, what we’re really saying is we love the work being done by the exceptional people in these organizations. Talented employees who do outstanding work are the secret ingredients that make their companies great. That’s why recruiting and hiring is so important. Each person involved in the hiring process is influencing the future of their company. These individuals are also impacting one of the most important aspects of people’s lives—their careers. The individuals who play a role in the hiring process are changing companies and lives, making hiring a heroic act.

The hiring heroism of a select group of people goes above and beyond. These unsung hiring heroes are making a lasting difference on a grand scale. That’s the reason for this distinction—the Hiring Hero of the Week. The hope in bestowing this honor is that people across the globe can celebrate and learn from these truly amazing human beings.

Scott WintripPam O’Connor–Hiring Hero of the Week

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