Pepto Bismol for the Verbal Vomit

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Watch many salespeople and you’ll observe the spewing of factoids, details, and feature-benefit chunks of information all over prospective clients. Even leaders often engage in this projectile-like communication as they tell their subordinates what to do and how to do it.

For decades, great lip-service has been given to the idea that we should listen more than talk and that we were given two ears and one mouth as proof. Yet, many spouting this wisdom continue to inundate those around them with voluminous amounts of words.

No one likes to be thrown up on and it’s certainly no way to start or grow an important relationship. Instead say little, ask lots of provocative questions, and build and deepen your connections with others as a direct result. Not only is this soothing, like a spoonful of Pepto, it’s also a mega-dose of vitamins to establish and grow healthy, long-lasting partnerships.

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Scott WintripPepto Bismol for the Verbal Vomit

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