Play Big and Go Home

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Scott's Monday Morning MessageIt’s all too easy to play the game their way. Following their rules, their pricing, their way of doing business. They are the customers, your competition, the majority of the market, and playing their game doesn’t serve most firms very well.

If you’re really satisfied with playing the game their way stop reading, because this post is not for you. For the rest of you, here’s how you play the game your way:

Identify five ways you could play bigger, then pick the easiest to get started.

This could include:

  • Setting your price and sticking to your price.
  • Creating a better process and sticking to your process.
  • Inventing new ways of adding value.
  • Finding areas of your business that you can streamline, reducing effort and freeing up people and resources.
  • Letting go of buyers or candidates who waste your time, energy, or effort.

Whoever said “play big or go home” must not have been in staffing and recruitment. By playing big, or even bigger than you’ve ever imagined possible, you can go home more satisfied, with customers better served, happier candidates, and your life richer and more meaningful.

So play big and go home because it’s your way, your rules, and your way of doing business, unless you make a conscious choice to play by their rules instead of your own.

Scott WintripPlay Big and Go Home

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