Practice Makes Profits


Imagine an Olympic skater who tries a new, highly difficult skill for the first time in competition instead of practicing it first. Or a football team who creates a complicated play and attempts it moments later during a crucial game. Most likely, the results would be similar in both sports — mistakes, failure, loss, and possibly injury. Managers who perpetuate a culture of on-the-job training versus providing regular opportunities for learning and instilling new skills through practice are culpable for the same type of poor results in business. These leaders, many unknowingly, are perpetrating a form of neglect by not giving their team the same winning edge that great sports franchises provide their players.

Practice makes profits is a lucrative mindset that operates from the belief that the game of business is won not in front of the client, but in preparation back at the office. Just an hour or two each week can turn a team like the Bad News Bears into the Yankees of our industry.

Scott WintripPractice Makes Profits


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