Radical Accountability Heroes and Zeroes

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Heroes and Zeroes features companies, organizations, industries, and even individuals who exemplify the power of Radical Accountability (the Heroes who have committed to an unwavering responsibility for getting done what really matters most) and the need for it (the Zeroes).


Grand Geneva Resort (Lake Geneva, WI)
For your outstanding service and commitment to excellence this week. The entire staff exemplified the unwavering responsibility for getting done what matters most, which is at the heart of Radical Accountability.

American Express
For your value-packed cards and excellent customer service. This week I met one of the creators of the Business Platinum Card and learned more about the development of this product. American Express’ success shows the power of Radical Accountability in action.

Search for Common Ground
For the ground-breaking work you are doing across the globe to transform the way the world deals with conflict. Absolute commitment to something so important makes you a true Radical Accountability Hero.

The City of New York
And those building One World Trade Center. The raising of the spire on Friday inspires a belief that we are capable of amazing things if we just commit to the outcome.


The Weight-Loss Products Industry
For bringing in $35 billion a year in the U.S. alone, yet, people are getting fatter. How about addressing the critical issue of poor follow-through as part of your products instead of just rolling out another new diet, DVD, or pill?

The Voters of South Carolina
For returning Mark Sanford to political office. Or, maybe I should thank you, since it’s highly likely Mr. Sanford will fail his constituents again unless he embraces unwavering responsibility in this latest role.

Scott WintripRadical Accountability Heroes and Zeroes

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