Radical Action, Remarkable Results

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Have you ever noticed that often it’s the big things that get most people’s attention…and that these big things often prompt important changes? Take, for example, the dramatic improvements to air safety following September 11th or the massive power outages in parts of Canada and the United States that prompted improvements to the power grid.

The good news is that we do not have to wait for calamity or strife, such as the examples above, in order to create positive change. We have the choice at any time to take radical actions that we believe could create remarkable results.

Here are some radical actions taken by some of your peers in the industry:

Radical Action — A recruiting firm in Texas suspended doing business with twelve clients that were unresponsive, slow to pay, difficult to deal with, and in some cases, all of those things.

Remarkable Results — Within three months, five new clients were acquired. Business from these new clients more than made up for the revenue lost from the twelve that were let go. In addition, two of the clients that were “laid off” once again became clients after resolving the issues that prompted the layoff in the first place.

Radical Action — A Wisconsin-based staffing company decided to significantly raise its standards when selecting and hiring for the pool of temp and contract team members. More emphasis was placed on acquiring quality referred candidates over those generated by ads or via the Internet. During interviews, each person was more carefully screened and then followed up with thorough reference and background checks.

Remarkable Results — Seven months later, company revenues doubled. Expenses actually went down as a result of reduced turnover among temp and contract staff. Repeat business skyrocketed as clients came to see the extreme value provided by this service. Both candidate and client referrals increased, allowing the firm to eliminate some advertising expenses that were no longer necessary.

Radical Action — In California, a firm decided to take a huge, radical risk. Although money was tight, five new staff members were added to the internal staff in one month’s time. The goal in hiring these individuals was to create a stronger presence in the market in order to increase the flow of business and candidates.

Remarkable Results — Three exclusive contracts were acquired within a few months. Just one month of revenues from these deals was enough to cover an entire year of the costs associated with the five new internal staff members. The flow of business and candidates was such that two additional members had to be hired.

Although each radical action taken by these firms was different, they all have one thing in common. Instead of waiting for a huge problem or issue to prompt change, the people in these firms took the bull by the horns and decided to shake things up for the good of the company. And in each case, a little bit of shaking created a whole lot of positive results.

Now, are you ready to get radical?

Scott WintripRadical Action, Remarkable Results

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