Effectiveness Audit
  1. Are the revenues from any one customer more than 10% of your total revenues?

  2. Are your gross profits from your top ten customers more than 40% of your total gross profits?

  3. In the past year, have you been able to delegate more or less when compared to the previous year?

  4. Do your sales people regularly meet or exceed growth sales quotas?

  5. In comparing the past two years, are you spending more time on strategy versus tactics, the same amount on each, or more time on tactics versus strategy?

  6. Besides your sales efforts, from which source do you acquire the most clients: referrals, print ads, Internet marketing, TV/radio?

  7. In comparing the past two years, have your gross profits increased, decreased, or stayed the same?

  8. When your customers demand a rate or fee reduction, how often do you give in: always, sometimes, never?

  9. Is technology dramatically improving your business, enabling you to stay abreast of others, or interfering with your efficiency?

  10. Do you retain at least 80% of your staff for at least five year or longer?