Getting hiring consistently right is difficult for most companies, which is one reason why the staffing and recruitment industry has grown and flourished over the years. However, most executives in staffing admit that their companies are much better at doing this for their customers than they are for themselves.

To help create some Radical Accountability in hiring, I’m now making the Hire Right Assessment publicly available. This tool will help you compare your efforts to the Best and Innovative Practices employed by companies whose internal hiring processes are operating at peak efficiency.

To see how your company compares, carefully answer each of the following:

The Hire Right Assessment
  1. When hiring tenured individuals, which of the following resources accounts for more hires than the others listed?

  2. Prior to making an offer, do you require that candidates work on a project (paid or unpaid) that requires use of the same skills for the position they are seeking?

  3. Does your company have a set methodology in place for eliminating emotion from the hiring process?

  4. Which of the following methods is most frequently used to check references?

  5. For sales and recruiting roles, which type of candidates are the majority of your hires:

  6. Which of the following best describes the profile for those you hire for recruiting roles:

  7. Which of the following best describes who you typically hire for sales roles:

  8. Who is typically hired for or promoted to management roles:

  9. Are all new producers in sales and recruiting roles generating enough margin dollars to cover all of their payroll expenses and burdens by no later than their sixth month of employment?