Results - The Hire Right Assessment

Results – The Hire Right Assessment
When hiring tenured individuals, which of the following resources accounts for more hires than the others listed?
Correct Answer: D. Direct sourcing and recruiting
Companies who directly target, source, and recruit talent that fits hiring profiles have the highest retention rates along with the fastest ramp-up and greatest ROI on their investment in these individuals.
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Prior to making an offer, do you require that candidates work on a project (paid or unpaid) that requires use of the same skills for the position they are seeking?
Correct Answer: Yes
Rather than being sold a "bill of goods" by candidates who put themselves in the best light during interviews, companies that test talent with applicable projects find that they are rarely disappointed in who they hire.
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Does your company have a set methodology in place for eliminating emotion from the hiring process?
Correct Answer: Yes
Logic makes people think while emotion makes them act. This is why hiring often fails; emotions are permitted to enter a process in which they have no place.
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Which of the following methods is most frequently used to check references?
Correct Answer: C. Sourcing our own list of references to check
Do you really expert to hear anything negative from references that candidates provide to you? Companies that check references they source on their own report much better results from the vetting process.
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For sales and recruiting roles, which type of candidates are the majority of your hires:
Correct Answer: C. Candidates from the 10 most transferable job types, including fundraising and door-to-door sales
While hiring tenured staff makes perfect sense for strategically significant roles, most companies report better results when hiring from the top ten transferrable roles.
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Which of the following best describes the profile for those you hire for recruiting roles:
Correct Answer: B. Sales oriented people who are motivated to close deals
Recruiting is a sales job and should be treated as such. The best companies at hiring are teaching HR knowledge to these vital people who sell opportunities to candidates. As a result, their recruiters outpace the competition, beating their results at least by two to one.
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Which of the following best describes who you typically hire for sales roles:
Correct Answer: D. Architects - salespeople who create business where there appears to be none
Sales architects not only can hunt and farm, they also have the ability to create something out of nothing, generating more business for their companies than hunters and farmers combined.
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Who is typically hired for or promoted to management roles:
Correct Answer: C. Average producers
Many people are surprised at this answer, but not the companies who have hired or promoted these individuals. When you promote a top producer, you often screw up two different roles in the company. Average producers who have leadership acumen understand the business while stepping into their true calling.
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Are all new producers in sales and recruiting roles generating enough margin dollars to cover all of their payroll expenses and burdens by no later than their sixth month of employment?
Correct Answer: Yes
While educating new hires contributes to this result, it’s who you hire that ultimately determines this key milestone. This one factor alone should be considered a primary indicator as to the strength of your hiring practices.
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A complete revamping of your hiring process is an absolute must. Pick any of the correct answers as an initial goal to create some positive momentum in the right direction..

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