Results - The Leadership Deficit Test

Results – The Leadership Deficit Test
Do leaders unwavering…
correct answer: hold people to the set standards or
your answer:
Are managers...
correct answer: regularly improving, evolving, and changing best practices or
your answer:
Do leaders…
correct answer: work to lessen the amount of multi-tasking being done or
your answer:
Are the managers in your company...
correct answer: consistently decisive in their decision-making or
your answer:
Do your leaders…
correct answer: encourage and embrace mistakes or
your answer:
When listening to managers, do they tend to…
correct answer: speak succinctly, often using metaphors and examples, or
your answer:
Do leaders in your company…
correct answer: regularly schedule and facilitate practice opportunities or
your answer:
Do leaders spend more time...
correct answer: creating roles or
your answer:
Are managers spending more time…
correct answer: managing people or
your answer:
Do leaders consistently…
correct answer: anticipate or
your answer:
Given your responses, your company has a 100% Leadership Deficit. This result is very dangerous. I recommend swift action before this situation becomes incurable..

By addressing each answer marked red, making the correct answer in each question the desired state, you’ll close this gap, effectively removing the deficit which is costing more than just money.

If you'd like to hear what companies like yours are doing to close the Leadership Deficit, I'd be happy to chat by phone. To schedule a time, please contact me.