Because Not All VMS Opportunities are Created Equal

Is the prospect you are pursuing using a VMS system to manage the process? If so, is it worth your time, energy, and effort to accept this business? Use the following VMS test to find out.

The VMS Test
  1. Have you been provided with detailed job descriptions, required and desired skills, details on cultural fit, and specifics on compensation and benefits (if applicable)?

  2. Will you have access to the managers to whom the positions report to ask questions and discuss important details?

  3. Has the client committed to providing detailed feedback about submittals within one to two business days from submission?

  4. Does the client appear to be using the VMS system in a manner which reduces labor intensity?

  5. Has the customer designed and communicated a hiring process, using the VMS, that appears to be fair, reasonable, and workable, especially when compared with how you normally do business?

  6. Does the amount of labor intensity required to do the work seem reasonable when compared to potential profits?

  7. Has your primary contact been highly responsive to calls and e-mails?

  8. Does this business opportunity seem to be sustainable over the weeks, months, and even years ahead?

  9. Has the customer indicated an openness to feedback when their process is not working effectively?

  10. Having carefully thought about and answered these questions, are you excited about this VMS opportunity?