Results - The VMS Test

Results – The VMS Test
Have you been provided with detailed job descriptions, required and desired skills, details on cultural fit, and specifics on compensation and benefits (if applicable)?
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Will you have access to the managers to whom the positions report to ask questions and discuss important details?
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Has the client committed to providing detailed feedback about submittals within one to two business days from submission?
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Does the client appear to be using the VMS system in a manner which reduces labor intensity?
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Has the customer designed and communicated a hiring process, using the VMS, that appears to be fair, reasonable, and workable, especially when compared with how you normally do business?
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Does the amount of labor intensity required to do the work seem reasonable when compared to potential profits?
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Has your primary contact been highly responsive to calls and e-mails?
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Does this business opportunity seem to be sustainable over the weeks, months, and even years ahead?
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Has the customer indicated an openness to feedback when their process is not working effectively?
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Having carefully thought about and answered these questions, are you excited about this VMS opportunity?
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Based upon your responses, RUN AWAY NOW! This account is not worth pursuing.
The next step, if you'd like additional feedback, is to chat by phone. To schedule a time, please send e-mail me at