Smacking Your Clients Upside the Head

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Can you really smack a client…in a good way? Is it possible to stop managers in their tracks and leave them absolutely speechless? I am sure that many of you have already answered ‘yes.’ This answer is probably based upon your first-hand experience in being the one who created that WOW kind of moment. I’ll bet others were thinking that it was a great idea and wondering just how you go about doing something like that.

During a StaffingU TeleClass, I challenged the participants to create and implement what they considered to be a radical idea that might WOW a client or prospect. The only rules in this game were that they had to make up something that they would enjoy doing and to detach from the outcome. With their permission, here are some of their ideas:

1. The Birthday
Susan learned the birthday of one of her key clients. With the help of that person’s manager, she threw a birthday party for her that included all of the trimmings…presents, cake, and great food.

2. Random Acts of Under-Billing
A staffing firm in Michigan decided to play with the popular idea “random acts of kindness.” Their version was to pick a few clients to under-bill. They printed the following message on their invoices:

“You may notice that we under-billed you on this invoice by 10 hours. This is simply our way of saying thank you for your business.”

3. Don’t Buy from Us
Harland got a call from a prospect regarding a job opening. He knew that his company could do a good job filling it, but that their number one competitor could probably do it even better. So, he told this prospect exactly that.

4. Pay Us What You Think We’re Worth
A firm in the Northeast empowered their account manager, Francis, in a unique way. He was given the directive to tell the next account he landed that they would get to set the price they would pay.

5. The Billboard
A small independent agency on the West Coast learned that one of their clients was named “Business of the Year.” So they negotiated a deal to lease a billboard for a month and had a message similar to the following displayed on it:

“XYZ Agency applauds PDQ Company on being named Business of the Year.”

You may be wondering about the outcomes from these actions. In some cases, there did not seem to be tangible outcomes. Yet! In a few cases new orders, expanded relationships, and referrals were generated almost immediately. What was common in every case was the total lack of regret. Every person who participated took great pride in doing something nice simply for the sake of doing something nice.

Some of these ideas may scare you. And that’s okay! This is a game you can play any way you wish. All you need to do is create your own radical idea that is right for you. And if you make it all about WOWing them and let go of any expectations about the outcome, this is a game you can win every time you play it!

Scott WintripSmacking Your Clients Upside the Head

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