Staying in Contention

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Wintrip Consulting Group : Take No PrisonersTake No Prisoners is a free weekly memo from Scott Wintrip that explores how Radical Accountability prospers companies and changes lives. Instead of taking people hostage with outdated, heavy-handed, and ineffective methods of management, measurement, and motivation, Radical Accountability focuses on creating an unwavering responsibility for getting done what matters most.

People don’t just wake up one day and suddenly select a random vendor when making a purchase. A confluence of factors makes buying possible, with one of the most important being Brand Consciousness.
Unless a company is a known poor performer in the market, being passed over as a contender is always caused by one of the following:

  1. Buyers don’t know that the company exists (Brand Unconsciousness).
  2. They’ve forgotten they exist (Brand Amnesia).
  3. They don’t yet understand the true value of their offerings, especially when compared to competitors (Brand Dubiety).

The job of every sales leader and their sales team is to overcome these factors by remaining in sight, in mind, and in contention. Sustaining Radical Accountability to maintain this standard requires a simple, three-part approach called the Attractive Persistence Plan:

  • Brief: Messages left are no longer than 30 seconds total. This includes a brief introduction, a compelling question or statement (such as a result recently achieved), and contact information (repeated twice to ensure accuracy).
  • Polite: Do not bash the competition, chastise the prospect for not calling back, or have an arrogant attitude or tone. Do call persistently, which for many people means about once each week.
  • Interesting: Make a different statement or ask a different question in each message. Questions and statements should be provocative; the kind of question or statement that would stick in someone’s mind. The goal is to begin to deliver value from the very start, and that begins with leaving valuable, interesting messages.

This Week’s Radical Accountability Activating Action: Apply the Attractive Persistence Plan to counteract any instances of Brand Unconsciousness, Brand Amnesia, or Brand Dubiety. You can learn more about the Attractive Persistence Plan by reading Sales Yoga.

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