Stewart Samkange–Hiring Hero of the Week

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Meet Stewart Samkange, this week’s Hero of Hiring. His stated mission is to “make the ‘working-world’ a better place.” Stewart is doing that through his work with LinkedIn (he provides talent solutions for Africa to help HR Directors plan, develop, and hire) and his thought leadership. What makes Stewart a powerful presence for change and improvement is what he shares with the world, how he shares it, and the conversations he’s able to create. When you scroll through the content he posts you’ll see what I mean (click here for an example). Stewart says that one of his secrets of success is that he’s “bold, ambitious, and disarmingly honest.” Yes he is, and we could use more of that in our world. Thank you Stewart for being a role model and for the heroic work you do every day!

BTW…you can find the valuable content I referred to on Stewart’s LinkedIn page.



We’ve all heard it said that a company’s most important asset is its people. When we say we love a company, what we’re really saying is we love the work being done by the exceptional people in these organizations. Talented employees who do outstanding work are the secret ingredients that make their companies great. That’s why recruiting and hiring is so important. Each person involved in the hiring process is influencing the future of their company. These individuals are also impacting one of the most important aspects of people’s lives—their careers. The individuals who play a role in the hiring process are changing companies and lives, making hiring a heroic act.

The hiring heroism of a select group of people goes above and beyond. These unsung hiring heroes are making a lasting difference on a grand scale. That’s the reason for this distinction—the Hiring Hero of the Week. The hope in bestowing this honor is that people across the globe can celebrate and learn from these truly amazing human beings.

Scott WintripStewart Samkange–Hiring Hero of the Week

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