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Did you know that the majority of buyers indicate they’d rather go to the dentist than be on the receiving end of a sales pitch? These same buyers have also said they enjoy the buying process, especially when it improves their circumstances at work or home, just not the selling that goes along with it.

This is your greatest opportunity—to create buying experiences decision-makers want to be a part of, while your competitors continue to sell in their ineffective, obnoxious ways!

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  • Scott ’s guidance has been invaluable in my leadership role. We are a better company and I am a better leader as a result of working together.

    Mike Stockard, Jr., Executive Vice President, Elwood Staffing
  • Scott is on the cutting edge of the business, helping companies be more nimble, responsive, and competitive as a result of his innovative approaches.

    Mark Braund, CEO, InterQuest Group UK
  • In comparing our progress this year using your services, our growth has been twice that of many of our competitors.

    Dan Struve, Chairman/CEO, Helpmates Staffing Services
  • In just a matter of months, Scott helped us improve our gross profits in our divisions by as much as 63%, a jump of over 30 points!

    Joe Thoemke, CEO, Thoemke Enterprises

Open More Doors, Close More Deals shows you how to create these buying experiences. You’ll receive lifetime access to more than two dozen videos with a complete explanation of an applicable idea to help you immediately begin engaging in the new ABC’s of selling—Always Be Collaborating.

Based upon the principles of Sales Yoga, our topics will include:

  • Spotting Sales Shields deployed by buyers and how to get them to lower these defenses
  • Standing out from other salespeople by avoiding the Behavior Imitation caused by low Competency Confidence
  • Launching significantly more sales just through the questions you ask
  • Engaging in Sales Flow instead of repelling buyers with Sales Force
  • Gaining the courage to be uncommon
  • Falling in love with objections
  • Avoiding the five factors that hamper your results
  • Creating the Yet, a way to get buyers buying even when they don’t think they need you
  • Engaging buyers to keep buying into you and what you sell, even when you’re not right in front of them
  • Practicing the art and science of Attractive Persistence
  • Handling a Sales Divorce
  • Stopping being the Sales Boss and leading with Sales Yoga

For the sales or recruiting veteran, you’ll learn new ways to engage people in sound sales strategies that work better because they feel engaging instead of coercive. Sales leaders and managers will gain more effective leadership methods and sales strategies. Those of you new to sales will gain an approach that will help you ramp up more quickly and close more business in a shorter period of time. Best of all, each video takes no more than five to six minutes of your time and you’ll have ongoing access to your videos for continued reference.

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