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Spontaneous Buying – Scott’s Sales Yoga Thought for the Week

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It’s a hot summer day with no perceptible breeze. Lying across the way is a haphazard pile of debris, having been blown into what almost looks like a small pyramid. A spotlight of sun, the size of a small flashlight beam, suddenly appears on the pile, having been channeled by a pane of window glass. Suddenly, a burst of flame erupts as the wood, grasses, and other assorted detritus catch fire.

Without the right elements in place, spontaneous combustion cannot happen, and the same applies to spontaneous buying. People don’t just wake up one day and suddenly select a random vendor for a purchase. A confluence of factors makes buying possible, with one of the most important being Brand Consciousness.

Unless your company really stinks at what you do, there are only three reasons why people aren’t buying:

  1. They don’t know you exist (Brand Unconsciousness).
  2. They’ve forgotten you exist (Brand Amnesia).
  3. They don’t yet understand your true value, especially as compared to your competitors (Brand Dubiety).

The job of a competent sales team is to overcome these factors. In Sales Yoga, we do this in a number of ways, including the three-part Attractive Persistence Plan:

  • Brief: Messages no longer than 30 seconds total. This includes a brief introduction, a compelling question or statement (such as a result you’ve recently achieved), and your contact information (repeated twice to ensure accuracy).
  • Polite: Do not bash the competition, chastise the prospect for not calling you back, or have an arrogant attitude or tone. Do call persistently, which for many people means about once each week.
  • Interesting: Make a different statement or ask a different question in each of your messages. Your questions and statements should be provocative; the kind of question or statement that would stick in someone’s mind. Your goal is to begin to deliver value from the very start, and that begins with leaving valuable, interesting messages.

While spontaneous combustion is undesirable, spontaneous buying is desirable and necessary to maintain a Sales Edge. Like pushing your body to the edge in physical yoga, Sales Edge creates a brand awareness that creates nonstop growth and perpetual profits.

Learn how to become a Sales Yogi.

Scott WintripSpontaneous Buying – Scott’s Sales Yoga Thought for the Week
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