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Avoiding Leadership Dependence

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Scott's Monday Morning MessageLast week I watched a common example of one individual serving as the intellect and conscience for another. It happened at Publix, our local grocery store, where my 17-year-old son Benjamin decided to apply for a job. Standing at the application kiosk was a couple, painfully going through the questions, discussing and debating each response. The woman, who was the one applying for a job, was insecure answering the questions on her own, instead, running each one by “her man” as she referred to him several times. Makes me wonder, if she gets the job, if he’ll be tagging along then, as well.

Leaders create an unhealthy, codependent relationship when they do something similar with employees. This practice is often caused by the open-door policy of many managers, who too often position themselves as being the go-to authority. As a result, the practiced dynamic is one in which the employees don’t have to come up with their answers, always relying on the boss for ideas and input. What often makes this worse is employees’ fear of being wrong or making a mistake.

Leadership Dependence, an all too common reality in companies, has caused leaders to be even more overwhelmed than ever and employees to be less self-sufficient. The alternative, Corporate Interdependence, promotes personal responsibility for doing the next right thing and engaging in collaboration where it’s actually needed.

To shift into Corporate Interdependence, managers simply need to ask more questions versus giving out answers. Saying “What would you do,” or “What’s the first step you could take,” begins to empower people to be more engaged, more responsible, and even more satisfied as they gain confidence in their own abilities. And often, leaders learn a few things themselves when employees come up with even better ideas.

Scott WintripAvoiding Leadership Dependence
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Go and Live Your Best Life Today

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A year ago my son Benjamin wrote the following poem. This wasn’t at school nor was it for an assignment. While in our hotel in NYC, he grabbed a scratchpad and jotted this down in a matter of minutes.

I’ve always been of the opinion that our children were sent here to teach us more than we have to teach them. I hope Ben’s poem teaches you, inspires you, and propels you into action today. I know stumbling across this over the weekend did just that for me.

Go and Live Your Best Life Today
by Benjamin Wintrip

At some point in our lives everything will be forgotten.
Words will be burned and thoughts obliterated.
Being famous won’t matter, people will be equal, and we will be gone.

But who will rise up from our ashes and fix what we have done?
Who will reconstruct what was lost in greed?
Who will rebuild our cities, our homes, our lives?

That person is you.
You can rise up, be your best.
Rise up and put everything behind you.
Correct your mistakes in life, live and turn anew.
For deceit is only a state of mind.
Greed is only there to weigh us down.
Anger is an illusion masked by fear,
And fear is there because we are afraid of the unknown.
The unknown is where the world exists.

Let yourself step into your new world, your world unknown.
For only you can live your life.
Only you can live your best.
So step off the pre-designed path built by the controllers and go on with your life.
Go on and discover what was meant to be, yet locked away.
Go and live your best life today.

Scott WintripGo and Live Your Best Life Today
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