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United Federation of Teachers (UFT) and the New York State Legislature – Today’s Radical Accountability Zeroes

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Being married to a teacher, I’m biased, typically erring to a teacher’s point of view. However, when the behavior of teachers is harmful to children, I’ll take the kids’ side every time.

That’s the case in this latest awarding of Radical Accountability Zeroes to the UFT, the New York City affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers, and the New York State Legislature. New York City has tried to fire 128 school staffers for sexual misconduct or inappropriate relationships with students since 2007. Only 33 educators were terminated.

Why? The union contract too narrowly defines sexual misconduct. For example, a teacher who asked a student to perform a striptease was not fired. Adding to the dilemma is legislation that would give city education officials the power to fire educators for sexual misconduct — instead of state hearing officers — has been stalled in Albany since May 2012.

So, UFT and New York’s Legislators, don’t you think the children of your state deserve some Radical Accounability?

This segment features companies, organizations, industries, and even individuals who exemplify the power of Radical Accountability (the Heroes who have committed to an unwavering responsibility for getting done what really matters most) and the need for it.

Scott WintripUnited Federation of Teachers (UFT) and the New York State Legislature – Today’s Radical Accountability Zeroes
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Leading With Child’s Eyes

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Children view the world through eyes that see everything as fresh and new. Their sense of wonder captures their attention and captivates their spirit, allowing them to see the possibilities in all things. As a result, children view the world in terms of what they can do versus the “adult” perspective of limitations and constraints.

This week, see the world as though you had the eyes of a child. Look at your peers, employees, colleagues, and clients as though you are seeing them for the very first time. As you do, you’ll engage in a world of endless possibilities, fresh ideas, and innovative solutions for even the most daunting of problems and opportunities.

Scott WintripLeading With Child’s Eyes
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